The Six Pack Philosophy Team

The Six Pack Philosophy Team

Six Pack Philosophy is a podcast fueled by politics, philosophy, and beer. To skip all the boring stuff and go straight to the fun just grab a seat, have a drink, and click here to hear the latest episode of Six Pack Philosophy or click here to check out our Hard Shots where we take short dives into issues deep enough for one drink.

Want to know more about us? We’re a few friends who found ourselves arguing politics and philosophy after a few beers, so we decided to put our thoughts into the ether for review. Still want to know more about The Team? You can follow us on FacebookReddit, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Join us every Monday as we discuss everything from basic philosophical concepts to economic and social policy in the United States from the point of view of average American citizens with passions for history, politics, and education.

We hope you enjoy our musings as much as we enjoy recording them. You can also find our podcasts on the websites below.

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