Year End Review – 2014


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Happy New Year from Six Pack Philosophy! As we come to the year end, join us to take a look back at everything that happened in 2014.

In this episode we look at the entire year of 2014. In this 2014 Year End Review we look at a wide range of topics including.

  • Middle East
  • Government Surveillance
  • CIA Torture Reports
  • Obama Care
  • VA Scandal
  • Michael Brown and Eric Garner
  • Immigration reform by Executive Action
  • Ebola
  • ISIS “boots on the ground”
  • Clinton/Bush presidential possibility
  • Legalization- return of prohibition in DC; defunded federal prosecution
  • Rosetta Stone Comet Landing/Feminist Response
  • Obama minimum wage for federal employees except white house
  • Evolving relations with Cuba by executive orders
  • Republican gains in November

We also bring in a few surprise guests and enjoy a few beers. We hope you enjoy our first podcast and return for many more. Keep on drinking…and thinking. See you next week.

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2014 Year End Review | Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
2014 Year End Review | Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Beer:

Real Ale Brewing Company – Shade Grown Coffee Porter

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