• Is School Propaganda Mind Control?

    In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team unpacks the realm of manipulation and explores the levels of propaganda and brainwashing.

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  • Premium Dunkel – Warsteiner Brew House

    Join the Six Pack Team this week as we crack open a pack of Premium Dunkel by Warsteiner Brew House in Westphalia, Germany.

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  • What Constitutes Consent To Sex?

    Join the Six Pack Team while we explore the new dialogue on consent alongside the recent explosion of sexual misconduct allegations.

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  • D’oches Kolsch – Fredonia Brewing Company

    Join the Six Pack Team this week as we pop the tops on a pack of D’oches Kolsch by Fredonia Brewery in Nacogdoches, Texas.

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  • Arguing Aristotle

    This week on Six Pack Philosophy we are taking a look at Aristotle and his contributions to logic and debate. His distinguishments between dialogue and rhetoric and why he spent so much time looking at this stuff. If you have ever wanted to get into debating, wondered where logic came from, or just wondered what people were talking about when you said something on Facebook and they told you it was a logical fallacy then you need to read up on Aristotle, but, before you go running off diving in to a new copy of On Rhetoric check out this episode.

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  • Nitro Pumpkin Ale – Wasatch Brewery

    Our rating: 0.76


    This beer is a game changer we got some unexpected comments back on this one here are a few.

    • “Absolutely god-awful”
    • “Way too sweet, way too spicy”
    • “Honestly there is nothing I like about it”
    • “Pumpkin is nasty”
    • “A spicy cauldron of witchcraft with pumpkin added to it”
    • “The base beer… was shit.”
    • “It has as much flavor, beer-wise, as a bud light”
    • “I think they’ll sell to a lot of frat guys trying to fuck girls in ugg boots”

    Needless to say, this is one of those that is so bad it necessitates drowning your taste buds in it just once to make you really appreciate the beers you have. I don’t know how Wasatch let this get out of the back room but they need to put it back.

    Nitro Pumpkin Ale

    Nitro Pumpkin Ale – Wasatch Brewery


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  • Zoning In On Urban Planning

    Join the Six Pack Team this week as we discuss the history, impact, and finally ethics of urban planning on cities and their communities.

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  • Pecan Ale With Honey – BS Brewing Company 3.3

    Join the Six Pack Team this week as we crack open a pack of Pecan Ale With Honey by the BS Brewing Company in Seguin, Texas.

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