Pondering Pragmatism

Practically speaking about pragmatism.

With many of the other topics we’ve covered, they are only considered practically useful to a point. On the other hand, the philosophy of pragmatism has little to no room for heady exploration and is almost exclusively applicable to real world situations. Realistically though it’s an interesting exercise to try to find the line where principles and pragmatism meet. This realm of philosophy tends to cross over heavily into moral relativism, and if you’ve studied philosophy or been listening to the show for a long time, you’ll recognize the similarities. In this episode, we hope to stick to the differences.

By Charles_Sanders_Peirce_theb3558.jpg: NOAA Office of NOAA Corps Operations derivative work: Ori.livneh (Charles_Sanders_Peirce_theb3558.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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