$30K Millionaire – Noble Rey Brewing Company 3.2

Our rating: 3.2

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracks open a pack of $30K Millionaire by Noble Rey Brewing Company in Dallas, Texas. This golden ale is not only sour, but has the designation of being brewed with wine yeast leaving it with a winey dryness that was well received. It wasn’t the funkiest sour we’ve had, but it will absolutely make you pucker up with pleasure.

SIDE NOTE: For those of you who were pulling your hair out as Anastasia pontificated over what a $30K Millionaire might be, we are, in fact, just that clueless. We’ve since educated ourselves. We apologize for our ignorance.

$30k millionaire
Image credit: #MakingItWorkk

Will it get you laid? If they love Warheads and other sour treats or they’re an avid beer adventurer, then yes. Otherwise probably not.

On which date should you bring out this beer? This is a mix-it-up beer. Use it when you wanna try something new or with a flight.

Is it a lawnmower beer? It’s refreshing enough to be, but because it’s so sour it’s a slow drinker, so probably better saved for after you’re done with the lawn.


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