Academia’s Responsibility to Society


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Does the academic community have some responsibility in the education of the rest of society?

Despite living in an age in which everyone and everything can interact at any given time, there seems to be a distinct disconnect between the world of academia and the rest of us. In this episode, the SPP team attempts to figure out what role the people performing research and changing our understanding of the world should have in the distribution of information to the general public.

This topic comes up because there is a problem we often see where people with no expertise on a topic are exceptionally passionate about it and stand firm in their understanding. While there is nothing inherently wrong with holding fast to your honestly held view of a topic, the trouble we seem to be facing more frequently as a society is the basis of a viewpoint on what is essentially a game of telephone where facts get distorted after multiple retellings.

Is there a way to bridge the gap between those in academia who are discovering and producing information and the ones outside who are consuming it? Even if there is, should we try? Join us as we attempt to answer these questions…or we could just come up with more questions. You’ve got to listen to find out though!

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