Alamo Amber Lager – Alamo Beer Co 3.0

Our rating: 3.0

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracked open a pack of Alamo Amber Lager by Alamo Beer Company in San Antonio, Texas. What Alamo has excelled at here is making a quality beer. On this show, a middle rating of 2.5 is considered to be the benchmark for what that style of beer should be. It’s a respectable rating, but doesn’t show spectacular achievement. With that, what we have here is a beer that exceeded the benchmark but not by much, and unfortunately that’s where most Alamo beers are going to stand because that’s what Alamo does best. They pick a style and make a great beer without too much flair. This lager hits all the right marks and beats that 2.5 hump by boasting a richer flavor than your average lager. Imagine your favorite t-shirt. It’s worn to just the right softness and fit but it’s not trying to be anything more than what it is. It’s soft, comfy, and reliable. That’s what this beer is.

How does it rate on the FDL scale?

  • Will it get you laid?

    • Yes, especially if your target thinks they don’t like lagers
  • What date would this beer be good for?

    • First. It won’t overshadow the rest of the evenings plans, but if the conversation lulls, it will give you something to talk about for a minute.
  • Is it a lawnmower beer?

    • Absolutely


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