American Lager – Guns And Oil Brewing Company 1.5

Our rating: 1.5

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team popped the top on a pack of American Lager by Guns & Oil Brewing Company in Austin, Texas. Seriously, is Austin losing it’s edge on beer? Austin for music and Dallas/Fort Worth for beer. It doesn’t even make sense. Music and beer go together, but the beer coming out of Austin is less and less impressive it seems. This beer in particular manages to make both guns and oil seem less appealing with it’s taste as bland as its color. Lagers are supposed to be the backbone of beer, but this is mediocre at best.

american lager
Image courtesy of Guns & Oil Brewing Company


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2 thoughts on “American Lager – Guns And Oil Brewing Company 1.5

  1. Steve H says:

    Guns & Oil Lager is one of my favorite summer beers. Crisp, clean, tasty. Better than any American adjunct lager that I have tried (I’ve tried many). Guns & Oil beers are not brewed in Austin. They are made in Ft. Worth and Denver.

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