Arguing Aristotle

Arguing Aristotle


Hey, everyone, this is John. Ana was busy, so I got to take the reins on this one. Oh, the power to shape the show, hahaha! This week on Six Pack Philosophy we are taking a look at Aristotle and his contributions to logic and debate. His distinguishments between dialogue and rhetoric and why he spent so much time looking at this stuff. Aristotle was one of the great philosophers of his time. He trained under Plato (that’s Socrates’ pupil for those who are keeping count), he trained Alexander the Great, and went on to reshape western views on science, psychology, skepticism, government, logic, and debate.  If you have ever wanted to get into debating, wondered where logic came from, or just wondered what people were talking about when you said something on Facebook and they told you it was a logical fallacy then you need to read up on Aristotle, but, before you go running off diving in to a new copy of On Rhetoric check out this episode.

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Aristotle Bust

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