Oculto Lager – Broken Barrel 2.5

Our rating: 2.5

So far, one of the palest beers we’ve had on the show, and yet it still managed to have some kick to it. Oculto Lager brewed by the Broken Barrel Brewing Co. in Houston, Texas and Williamsburg, Virginia, the tequila infusion gives it a unique flavor and at some points even seems somewhat overpowering. As light as it is, it definitely makes for a good summer beer, but don’t expect to feel like you’re drinking a tough, lumberjack beer. In fact, if you have a friend who swears they don’t like beer, this is a good one to have them try as a way to ease them into it.

Broken Barrel Brewing - Oculto

Broken Barrel Brewing – Oculto


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