Hard Root Beer – Coney Island Brewing Co. 1.8

Our rating: 1.8

In this week’s episode on Government in Education, the SPP team cracks open a pack of Hard Root Beer by Coney Island Brewing Company from Brooklyn, New York. While everyone on the team agreed that we love a good root beer, none of us were thrilled with this hard root beer. It’s a good novelty drink, but lacks a lot of the elements you look for in a beer. Or maybe it doesn’t, but if it does include all the right beer elements, they’re grossly overpowered by the level of sweet that is traditional for a root beer, or any soda for that matter. If you don’t like beer because it’s too bitter, or if you love root beer but want a little bit of a kick too, then you’ll love this.

Coney Island Brewing Company - Hard Root Beer
Coney Island Brewing Company – Hard Root Beer


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