This Is Why We Drink


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People have long sought means to alter their state of mind, but why?

You’ve done it yourself at some point, even if you’ve never partaken of drugs or alcohol in your life. Even if we step away from the most obvious states of mind beyond awake and asleep, you may have spun around in a chair until you were too dizzy to stand up, gone to your “happy place” when you were upset, or watched one of those videos that alters your focus and causes mild hallucinations. Regardless of how people get there, it seems clear that for whatever reason, people actively seek out ways to change their consciousness. Is there use that can be found in other states of mind? Is it harmful or beneficial to try to restrict the means by which people seek altered states? Let’s take a look together.

August Natterer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Beer:

Here Comes the Sun – Karbach Brewing Company

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