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Our rating: 3.0

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracked open a pack of Deep Ellum Lager by Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas, Texas. After a history of giving lagers a hard time on this show, we’ve been making an effort to actually seek them out and give them a fair shake especially since craft breweries seem to be really exploring the style as of late. With that effort, I finally picked up this brew I’ve been eyeing the last few times I’ve done our beer runs.

Deep Ellum has a history of putting out some quality brew and trying new things, but with this one they really seemed just to stick to the basics to make a really high quality lager. As we mentioned on the show, there’s nothing about this beer that catches your eye. There’s no unexpected, unique flavor. There’s no twist on the original style that sort of throws you for a loop. And that’s when it hits you. This is just a lager, but something about that makes it awesome. They’ve taken something and rather than dolling it up, they’ve stripped it down to the basics and shown what a great lager is and where every fancy ass lager-twist should start from.

deep ellum lager
Image courtesy of Deep Ellum Brewing Company


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