Double Mountain Kolsch – Double Mountain Brewing Company 2.0

Our rating: 2.0

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracked open a bomber of Double Mountain Kolsch by Double Mountain Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon. As a German style beer, you tend to expect a brew with a lot of body, and in that respect this Kolsch fell a little short. While it was an overall pleasant drink, and everyone on the show had positive things to say about it, it wasn’t nearly as bold as any of us were expecting. On that note, what we found enjoyable was that even though the flavors were subtle, they were definitely pleasant.

Anastasia even categorized this as a good “morning beer” in that it’s low ABV and light flavor profile would be refreshing to wake up to. On another scale, the whole team agreed that this is the kind of beer you can introduce to someone who swears by the industrials and thinks craft beers are just too brash and filling for them. Think of it as a “gateway to craft beer”.

double mountain kolsch
Image from Double Mountain Brewing Company


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