Our main show has a pretty predictable format, and we like it that way. We pick a topic, research it, grab a beer, and record. Lather, rinse, repeat. However, periodically we get the urge to do something outside of our normal formula and that’s where Hard Shots come in. Whether we’re doing an interview, participating in some hokey internet challenge, following one of the rabbit trails from a main feed episode, or talking about something completely out of our wheelhouse, it’s all here on Hard Shots.

Got something you want us to discuss that you’ve avoided recommending because it doesn’t quite fit? Let us know anyway. This may be the perfect place for it!


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3 thoughts on “Hard Shots

  1. Thad Hensley says:

    A possible topic I’ve been pondering recently which you might consider is: is information physical?

    I’ve read that information is the arrangement of physical things. We live in a physical world, but does that mean everything we know or can name is also physical? What about information, like the formula for the acceleration rate for earth (9.8 meters per second squared). This is expressed as physical ink on physical paper, or in our mind as electrical signals within our network of neurons (also physical), or in reality as something physically falling toward earth. Is information only physical? But of course, since we are physical beings, how could we know if something non-physical exists?

    If information is the arrangement of physical things, then energy must be the motion of physical things.

    If you guys have already gotten into some of this, please let me know!

    Love the show, I argue with you guys all of the time 🙂


    1. jwilford says:

      I actually spoke about this some in an interview on another podcast I was a guest on http://jasonhavey.com/spinning-logic-160-john-wilford/. I love talking about this stuff but it’s not Make and Ana’s favorite. However, I can now tell them a Patron asked for it ;). It will probably be a couple weeks before we can get it out but I’ll talk to the team and try to get it on the calendar.

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