Hefe – Widmer Brothers Brewing Company 2.4

Our rating: 2.4

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team popped the top on a pack of Hefe by Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon.¬†Touted by Widmer as the “original American hefeweizen”, this brew seem to have left off the best parts of being a hefeweizen in an effort to differentiate itself from the traditional. We get it. People are looking for something new and exciting, and while this is most definitely something new, it’s not quite exciting. As a beer, it’s enjoyable, and based on what we could find about an American hefeweizen it’s either on par or close to what is expected of this style, so it comes in at a respectable average of 2.4.

Image courtesy of Widmer Brothers Brewing Company


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