Hot Tub Scholarship Lager – Rogue Ales 2.7

Our rating: 2.7

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team pops the tabs on a pack of Hot Tub Scholarship Lager by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. This yummy lager isn’t just a great drink for what it is, but it also supports a great cause: the education of the future of the craft beer industry. Check out more about the Hot Tub Scholarship on their website.

Will it get you laid? Yes, if they like industrial beers.

On which date should you bring out this beer? This is a blind date beer. It’s safe. It’s not going to take over the conversation, but if you need a conversation starter it makes for a great one since some of the proceeds go toward a good cause.

Is it a lawnmower beer? Simply, hell yes.


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