The Philosophy of Information

If our universe is physical, does that also mean information is physical?

Some philosophers believe reality consists only of physical objects, so one of our listeners and Patrons posed the question, “We live in a physical world, but does that mean everything we know or can name is also physical?”

In addressing this and the other questions this concept gives rise to, we attempt to qualify how things like ideas and concepts could be qualified physically if we do in fact, live in a physical world.

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Naked Nun – Adelbert’s Brewery

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The Information Paradox – Kurzgesagt

Information is food – JP Rangaswami on TED

Physical Information – Wikipedia


One thought on “The Philosophy of Information

  1. Jim says:

    When I was listening to this episode I was reminded of an (anxiety-inducing) article I read a few months back. The part where John was trying to explain how an electron can process information, but Mike didn’t see how “unconscious” matter (air quotes there, not quoting Mike) could do anything but react: I still agree with Mike, but it gives me that anxious feeling in my chest when I question my reality, and I got that same feeling when I read this article. It even mentions the electron, so perhaps you’ve already seen it during your research. Anyway, that unresolved issue still left open at the end bothered me and I had to go back to find this article. I don’t actually feel any better now but figure I’d share my misery with you all since you brought it back up for me in the first place… 🙂

    Love the show, just joined as a Patron, so drink one for me since I don’t anymore. Thanks SPP!

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