Life is a Gamble


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Historical Perspective of Gambling in the U.S. & a Consideration of Choice and Chance

In this episode, we explore the public perception of gambling in the United States as it has evolved over time. We begin with┬áthe “gentleman’s” games of chance that were viewed as harmless diversions, and move on to what were considered more crass pass-times. Over the course of our history, we have moved from a general acceptance of gambling to an outright disdain, to a limited acceptance. Basically, we have moved all over the place in the last few hundred years (yes, I know how old the country is, but I’m counting time before we declared our independence as well).

After a look at the history, we move on to the meat of the discussion and consider something that I think we all know inherently, but rarely acknowledge. We examine the difference between making a gamble and making a choice. Are they different? Not really, but join us as we discuss how why it is that people tend to view them differently.

Life is a Gamble | Image Courtesy Gaz & Wikimedia Commons
Life is a Gamble | Image Courtesy Gaz & Wikimedia Commons

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