Luchesa Lager – Oasis Texas Brewing Company 2.1

Our rating: 2.1

Join the Six Pack Team this week as we crack open a pack of Luchesa Lager by Oasis Texas Brewing Company in Austin, Texas. So anyone who listens to our show knows that we love our Texas beer. By default, it should be fresher than something that comes from across the country, and there’s a certain pride in knowing that great beer comes from your home state (maybe that’s just a Texas thing? idk). Unfortunately, this brew didn’t rise to the level that we felt like it should have. For a lager, it was surprisingly watery, almost as if they were attempting to create a clone of Bud Light. Of course, it was a bit smoother than BL, so it has that going for it.

luchesa lager
Image courtesy of Oasis Texas Brewing Company


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