Majority Morality

Six Pack Philosophy discusses majority morality. What is it? Do we benefit from it? And what are its downfalls?

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What is majority morality? Simply, it is when the majority of people in a society view an issue to be moral or immoral. This concept has shaped many of our behaviors and helped form our societies and laws into what they are today. It seems simple, but there are many contradictions and intricacies that can be problematic, which is exactly what we attempt to discuss in the podcast.

For some examples of where the majority of people stand on the morality of some issues, check out this Gallup poll on moral acceptability and how it has changed over the years.

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We also mention that our last podcast was Civil Asset Forfeiture. It was actually two podcasts ago but at this time it was the last one we recorded.

Majority Morality – Six Pack Philosophy

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