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This week on location at Cedar Creek Brewery in Seven Points, Texas, Six Pack Philosophy discusses the minimum wage.

What is it? Where does it come from? How does it affect you? Join us for this economically charged episode as we discuss these and other difficult questions about minimum wage and the economy at large. For our selected beer, we took advantage of our location and tried Fisticuffs, Cedar Creek’s current seasonal brew. For more information on Fisticuffs and all the beers we have tried, you can head to our Beers page to see our ratings, and the ratings of our listeners.
We want to say a quick thanks to everyone who sat in on the podcast today, as well as the listeners who chimed in with their opinions on minimum wage.

Find more information here on minimum wage across the country. The wiki article is a great place to start for historical data.

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Minimum Wage
Six Pack Philosophy on Minimum Wage


The Beer:

Cedar Creek Brewery – Fisticuffs Seasonal

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