Mysterianism: The Ultimate Human Mystery


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Unraveling the mystery of Mysterianism

We just don’t know enough about the world to truly understand it. Have you heard that before? Or maybe said something like that yourself? Probably so. It’s not really that uncommon to use as a way to dismiss a lack of knowledge, and is even a reasonable explanation for a lack of knowledge about a given topic. After all, scientists are pretty sure there is a lot of…something…in the universe that we just don’t have the means yet to detect and understand. However, Mysterianism goes a step further and supposes that humans will never have the capability to understand why the universe ticks or even what it is. With that, the Six Pack team attempts to take a critical look at this philosophy to discern what it’s worth.

By A Tower magazine (Scanned cover of pulp magazine) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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