Naked Nun – Adelbert’s Brewery 2.3

Our rating: 2.3

In this week’s episode on the physicality of information, the Six Pack Team cracked open a pack of Naked Nun by Adelbert’s Brewery in Austin, Texas. Shortly, this Belgian wit is light and refreshing if a little too much so. It’s a well enough made beer, but it’s not something memorable. In fact, this brew would be a good choice if you have some sort of exciting evening planned or a complexly flavored meal to pair it with that you’re worried may be overpowered by a beer with too much flavor. That’s certainly not to say it’s bad, but rather that it isn’t a show stopper.

And you know what, considering how many brews in the craft beer scene are trying to be the next big thing, some novelty that stops you in your tracks, it’s nice to have something that is just a well-made beer with no bells and whistles. It’s a pleasant drink and would blend well into most any situation.

naked nun
Image courtesy of Adelbert’s Brewery


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