Nazi Speech Is Free Speech

Freedom of speech only exists so long as even people we disagree with have the same freedom.

In the light of the incidents in Charlottesville, calls have come to prohibit the expression of some of the more vile opinions held by a small number of people in the US. This isn’t the first time protests have turned violent, even if you don’t count the more recent incidents. Hell, it’s not the first time we’ve had this talk with regard to the Nazi movement in the US. When everyone is allowed to express themselves, someone is bound to say something that other people disagree with, and not everyone knows how to handle disagreement without violence. However, is that a good enough excuse to restrict some or all of the people’s freedom of speech?

With that, the Six Pack Team explores how this sort of conflict has been addressed in the past, and what it is that you’re supposed to do when you don’t think a group should be prevented by the government from speaking but you do want them to shut the fuck up.

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