Nihilism: Nothing Else Matters

Don’t get too bummed while listening to this discussion of Nihilism.

So this particular branch of philosophical thought is based in the idea that meaning does not inherently exist in any thing, person, situation, or even the universe. It shares a lot of qualities with existentialism which we’ll be exploring in our next episode, but in this one we start by exploring Nietzsche specific to nihilism, Kierkegaard, and other pioneers of this philosophy and follow that with our own take aways based on what we’ve heard and read.

After this show, don’t miss the episode on our Hard Shot feed where we interview the brewer and business manager of Athens Brewing Co.


The Beer:

Red Dog IPA – Athens Brewing Co

The Links:


All About Philosophy

Basics of Philosophy

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  1. Ezio /

    Nothing is true and everything is permitted.

    1. Anastasia Wilford / Post Author

      That’s one way to take it, I suppose. Lol

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