Strawberry Blonde Ale -No Label Brewing Co 2.1

Our rating: 2.1

In this episode of SPP, the team cracks open a pack of Strawberry Blonde Ale by No Label Brewing Company in Katy, Texas. This brew tries to make an interesting jump that probably would have been better made with another style of brew. Lots of companies seem to use an ale as the base when they attempt something unusual, but in this case it just doesn’t quite work. Being a lighter beer, there doesn’t seem to be enough of a backbone to fully encase the strawberry notes that would make this beer a pleasure to drink. Instead, you find yourself with bits of underripe strawberry in the middle that quickly fades away. What’s strange is that No Label claims that this brew has even more strawberries in it than the last time they brewed it. Would try a new batch, but this one left something to be desired.

Image courtesy of No Label Brewing Company


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