Oceans Between Us – Great Raft Brewing Company 2.8

Our rating: 2.8

This week the Six Pack Team cracks open a pack of Oceans Between Us by Great Raft Brewing Company in Shreveport, Louisiana. Brewed exclusively with Brettanomyces, this brew has a fun funky flavor that was enjoyable though not mind blowing.

oceans between us
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Will it get you laid? Only if they really like beer or they’re a bit of a bronze digger (like a gold digger but with slightly cheaper standards).

On which date should you bring out this beer? Maybe on the third date when you wanna show off or later when you wanna mix things up.

Is it a lawnmower beer? No. It’s refreshing enough to be, but being on the pricier side, it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg to drink this while you mow if your lawn is very big at all.


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