Oktoberfest Marzen – Odell Brewing Company 2.8

Our rating: 2.8

In this week’s episode on alternative relationships, the Six Pack Team kicked off Oktoberfest season with the Oktoberfest Marzen by Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado.

As we approach fall, the Oktoberfest style beers are sprinkled all over store shelves helping us embrace the fuller bodied beers that will keep us warm on those chilly nights. Though not particularly well received by everyone, this version still rates as a beer you should give a try.

Will it get you laid? Though it’s not going to seal the deal, it will have a wide range of appreciation which will help keep it from impacting you negatively.

On which date should you bring this out? This is a first date beer as it has some built in conversation points to ease any awkward silences you might otherwise experience and will be like by most people.

Is it a lawnmower beer? Yes, but for like the last mow of the year. It’s still refreshing and won’t weigh you down which is key for this type of beer.

oktoberfest marzen
Image courtesy of Odell Brewing Company


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