Pecan Ale With Honey – BS Brewing Company 3.3

Our rating: 3.3

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracked open a pack of Pecan Ale With Honey by the BS Brewing Company in Seguin, Texas. Despite the fact that their name makes you think maybe their beers are bull shit, this one was a huge hit with the Six Pack Team. One of our big fears with this seasonal and potentially gimmicky beer was that it would be like drinking liquid pecan pie, and all of us were pleasantly surprised to see that they managed to incorporate the flavor appropriately. The pecan flavor was more like picking one up straight out of the yard and cracking it open rather than popping a handful of candied pecans from the store like you would have expected. In addition to a perfectly incorporated nuttiness, this was all done one the backbone of a quality ale, without which this brew never would have scored as high as it did. All in all, it was a pleasant drinking experience.

pecan ale
Image from BS Brewing Company


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