Philosophy: What Is It Good For?


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  • Why is philosophy relevant?

Here at Six Pack Philosophy, it should be pretty clear by now that we love asking such questions that we don’t necessarily have the answers to, and perhaps that even can’t be answered. However, there seems to have been a lot of hate lobbed onto this discipline as of late from people who have at least some notoriety in society. They’ve charged that philosophy isn’t interesting. I’m sure to some it isn’t. They’ve stated that there isn’t money to be made in it. Not for most people. Hell, we do this every week for the sheer joy of it and don’t make a dime (not that any of us has attempted for this to be our profession). They’ve stated things like it’s a waste of time, or that it doesn’t provide surprising results. If you’re not surprising yourself, you’re not really trying, and with regard to it being deemed a waste of time I would simply remind them that “time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time” (Marthe Troly-Curtin, but most famously John Lennon).

With all of that said, the purpose of this episode is to explore the impact philosophy has on the world at large, and the role it plays if even inadvertently in the choices we make.

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