Republican Party v. Philosophy E2P2


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Party v Philosophy

Republican Party Cont’d

In this series, we break down each party’s philosophy and measure that against their most recent platform. Many people identify as a member of a political party based on its principle, but find themselves being contradicted be the party’s actions or platform. In this series, we seek to identify those contradictions, and how they came to be. And this time, we’re taking on the Republican Party.

In the previous episode, we checked out the 1860 Republican Party platform, discussed the history behind some of what it said, and evaluated their initial stances. We follow in this episode and the next by going through the highlights of the 62 page Republican Party platform from 2012, comparing it to the original, and discussing how their ideals have changed or stayed the same.

GOP & Elephant

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Party Platform 1860

Party 2012 Platform

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