Rights Versus Abilities


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We’ve teased this show for longer than we teased intellectual property…somehow.

It’s not often we tease a show for so long. In fact, we’ve never teased a post for so long. Once, we teased intellectual property for a really long time, but not nearly as long as this show. I wondered once how Trump’s speeches were written. I realize now that they were written by someone unwillingly woken up from a sleep and forced to write a speech they didn’t want to. All the while someone lurked over their shoulder correcting them only enough that it didn’t sound like *total* gibberish. Just mostly gibberish. Honestly, the other person was kind of intoxicated and had a disturbing sense of humor. Eventually the speech writer gets kind of into it because they were promised pizza ice cream. Anyway, this week we discuss rights versus abilities. I’ll probably rewrite this later when I have some give-a-damn.

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