Shiny Diamonds – Independence Brewing Company 1.6

Our rating: 1.6

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team regrettably cracked open a pack of Shiny Diamonds by Independence Brewing Company in Austin, Texas. Having just learned of the glitter beer phenomena, Anastasia was intrigued when she saw this on the shelf and even put down the other one she’d already picked out to grab this one instead. It definitely wasn’t a glitter beer, but we’ve liked the Independence Brew Co beers in the past, so thought it would be a good chance to try something new of theirs. We wish she’d kept whatever that other beer was because this one was utterly disappointing. It’s not clear what IBC (not the root beer company) was going for here, but unless they were going for a dusty beer that tasted like it had just been pulled out of Cold War era bunker they definitely missed the mark. We still love Independence, but this beer won’t be crossing any of our lips again.

shiny diamonds
Image courtesy of Independence Brewing Company

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