Silly Gose – Community Beer Company 2.9

Our rating: 2.9

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracks open a pack of Silly Gose by Community Beer Company in Dallas, Texas. This sour wheat ale makes for a great introductory sour as its funkiness level exists but isn’t something so aggressive that it will knock you on your feet.

silly gose
Image courtesy of Community Beer Company

Will it get you laid? It’s going to give you craft beer cred with “beer-ies” but it’s not enough to get you laid among those who aren’t craft junkies.

On which date should you bust this out? This is one you should bury deep in the pack. This is the sort of beer you bring out when you’re ready to spice things up.

Is this a lawnmower beer? While it’s light like a lawnmower beer needs to be, but it’s too sour and bitter though it will be good to drink while you’re laying by the pool after you get done mowing.


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