Somethin Shady – Texas Ale Project 3.4

Our rating: 3.4

Join the Six Pack Team this week as we crack open a pack of Somethin Shady Porter by Texas Ale Project in Dallas, Texas. This beer was thoroughly enjoyed by our entire team. The coffee flavor characteristic of most porters was beautifully executed and the only real criticism we had of it was that the middle notes were a little harsh but all in all it was still a pleasant drink that we would definitely buy again.

somethin shady
Image courtesy of Texas Ale Project

Will it get you laid? That’s tough to say, but it’s definitely going a long way toward helping you seal the deal.

On which date should you trot this beer out? This is what we’re calling a flex beer. It can be dropped in anywhere and it’s going to perform well. You won’t lose them with this one, but it’s not taking you to level 10 either.

Is this a lawnmower beer? If it is, it should be reserved for the last mow of the season. With a 5.5% abv, it’s not going to make you fall off the mower, but the body is too heavy for the warmer months.


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