Still Pleasuring Yourself: Cyrenaicism


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The Hedonism you’ve been taught to be afraid of.

After our show on Epicureanism, we became curious to know more about the other school of thought in the house of Hedonism and set out to see what we could find out about it. As it turns out, most people have never heard of Cyrenaicism before because it flared up and fell apart all within about 100 years which is often attributed to the fact that Epicureanism provided a more acceptable answer about how to seek and achieve pleasure in life. Of course, I like to attribute their fall to their freewheeling lifestyle that relied heavily on living in the moment and making choices based on how much pleasure a person could tolerate at any given time.

Lodewijk Toeput [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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The Links:

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Free Dictionary’s Encyclopedia

Epicureans and Cyrenaics on Pleasure as a Pathos

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