Texas Blonde – Wild Acre Brewing Company 3.1

Our rating: 3.1

In this week’s episode, the Six Pack Team cracks open a pack of Texas Blonde by Wild Acre Brewing Company in Fort Worth, Texas. This fun little blonde was well received by the whole crew receiving well above the benchmark. If you’ve got friends you want to introduce to craft beer who are more accustom to industrial lagers, this is a great starter beer as it isn’t overly hoppy or too aggressively flavored but still manages to have a great bouquet of flavors to e

Will it get you laid? It will get you in the right direction, but you’ll need personality of your own to get across the finish line.

On which date should you break this one out? This is a great pick up beer. It may not be their favorite, but they won’t spit it in your face either.

Is this a lawnmower beer? “Fuck yeah!” ~Mike

texas blonde
Image courtesy of Wild Acre Brewing Company


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