The Team


Who are we?

We are just a group of friends who enjoy discussing politics and philosophy, especially after a few drinks. As much fun as we had on our own, we thought it would be fun to put our ideas into the ether and hopefully inspire a conversation with others who share our passion.





John is an electrical engineer with a programming background. He is a Libertarian currently serving as Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Texas. He discovered he was a “librarian” in high school when his teacher gave the class a quiz to determine where they stood politically. He is rooted in a laissez faire economic philosophy.

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Mike’s passion is history and government, and after serving in the US Marines has made his living teaching about them as a high school and college teacher. He spent his life as a Republican but now finds himself questioning everything and moving…somewhere. He advocates for free-market economics.




Anastasia attempts, usually futilely to moderate the podcast and keep John and Mike on track. Her passion is equality for all. She is currently the State Rep for the Texas Chapter of the National Organization of Libertarian Women.